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Freedom Chiropractic & Wellness

      Dedicated to providing care by using a safe and gentle atlas orthogonal technique in order to resolve your complaints, improve balance and spinal alignment. We believe people are individuals with individual needs that require specialized care.

The Atlas Orthogonal (AO) technique is a highly specialized, very precise, and incredibly gentle method. Treatment is provided using safe and effective sound wave technology for the upper cervical area and a full body adjustment using activator.

    The office is in-network with Blue Card Insurance Plans (Regence & Premera), Cigna, Aetna, First Choice, Auto Injuries and Lifewise.

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Our Fax number is: (206) 309 3361

Our Office phone number is: (206) 427 0276 Text Us!

FCW Massage

     Offering multiple types of massage to fit everyone's needs. Our Licensed Massage Therapists strive to provide personalized and specific care. We also offer add-on aromatherapy treatment that will really make your massage experience wonderful!

Massage Hours: Tuesday-Friday 12p-8pm

For more information on Massage please got to FCW Massage.

Swedish Massage/Relaxation:

Swedish Massage is a type of massage which originated in the 1800's. It is a very relaxing massage which incorporates a lot of long strokes, as well as lighter techniques. Swedish massage is usually used in conjunction with the other types of massage throughout a massage session. Book a Swedish massage if you are just looking for a light, relaxing massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that works further into the muscles to alleviate deeper muscle pain or strain. The strokes used in deep tissue massage are decidedly heavier, with more pressure than a typical Swedish massage. A lot of people appreciate this deeper pressure, especially in the back area; and most will feel very relaxed after a deep tissue massage. It is also possible to feel a tiny bit sore, but this feeling should go away very quickly. Pressure can be adjusted to suit each client. However, if you are booking a deep tissue massage it should be because you are looking to do deeper work into your muscle tissue. Mainly, people come away from the massage feeling muscle pain and strain relief.

Medical Massage:

Treatment massage is used especially for clients who have endured some sort of injury, such as a car accident injury or a work related injury. Clients may also request to have some treatment work done on focus areas of the body during their session. Treatment massage is very focused. It can sometimes go as deep as a deep tissue massage, but is more targeted. Treatment massage will help dislodge specific knots or deep muscle issues that have been lingering in the body's muscle tissue for awhile. If you have problem areas, such as the shoulders or the neck, you may want to request some treatment massage.

Sports Massage:

Sports massage is a vigorous, energizing style of massage. As the name suggests, it's a great style of massage for an athlete to get throughout their sports training. It is a type of massage that incorporates techniques such as jostling and tapotement, which are both very energizing techniques. Sports massage will get the blood pumping and leave you feeling energized. This is a great massage to get a day or two before a baseball game, basketball game, or other sporting event.

Prenatal Massage:

Pregnancy massage simply involves making adjustments to the other types of massage for pregnant women. Basically we have the mother lay sideways on the table and provide her with extra cushioning to help her feel secure throughout the massage. We do this to provide for the safety of mother and child. Some techniques will also be adjusted, but mainly she will receive the same massage as described above.

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